Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create a login?

On the homepage of, simply click the large orange button that states “New User? Register Here”.

I forgot my login username. How do I retrieve it?

All usernames for Horizon360 are based on the user’s email address.

I forgot my password. How do I recover it?

On the homepage of, click the FORGOT PASSWORD? link underneath the Submit button in the Login box.

Why does it take up to one business day to approve my login request?

In an effort to keep valuable member information in Horizon360 secure, we confirm each and every login request to ensure they are authorized to use this referral system. We do this to keep your member’s information safe.

I have a hot referral. The member wants to buy right away. How do I enter this referral with urgency?

Rest assured, all referrals are handled expeditiously at Automotive Avenues. Click the Submit a Referral button. Enter the pertinent referral information. In the Buying Timeframe field, choose “Immediately” so we understand this is an urgent lead, then hit Submit. An Automotive Avenues Member Experience Representative will contact the member shortly.

I have already entered a referral, but now the member is pre-approved. How do I add this information to the existing referral?

You must be logged in to Horizon360 to update referrals. After logging in, click the Submit or Update Referrals button. Search for the member in Box #1, find the member in Box #2, then edit or add information to the referral in Box #3. All changes will be flagged with a blue tag. Hit Submit when done.

I want to see the status of a referral. How do I look it up?

There are a couple of different ways to look up referral status:

(1) On your Dashboard, the last 5 referrals are listed at the bottom. You may click on the member name if the referral was submitted recently, and it will give you status on the referral.

(2) In Reports, you may choose All Referrals with Statuses, choose the preferred date range then click Generate Report.

How often is this information updated?

Every evening, the data is backed up from the day’s business from our CRM database and will appear on reports in Horizon360 the next business day.

Where can I get a report on all my past referrals I submitted?

Click on the Reports button on the top navigation bar. On the Reports page, select the All Referrals with Statuses report option, choose your date range perimeters then click Generate Report.

Can I export any of these reports to Excel?

All of the reports on the Reports page can be exported to Excel with the exception of Production Reports. At this time, they are only available via a PDF document.

My job role has changed. I was a Teller and now I am a Member Services Representative. How do I change my information?

This request must be given to your manager to change in the Manage My Staff page only available to managers.

I have transferred to a different branch. How do I change my information?

This request must be given to your manager to change in the Manage My Staff page only available to managers.

I don’t want to receive daily updates on my referrals. How do I change this preference?

Click on My Account from the top right of the screen, next to your name. At the bottom left side of the screen is a box titled “Manage My Email Notifications”. You can select whichever notification frequency you prefer, or you may select “Do Not Email Status Updates” to receive no updates via email. You may find any referral status updates in Horizon360 anytime at your convenience.